Cascades Tee neck opening how to

Here are some step-by-step photos of how the neck opening is worked for my recent design, the Cascades Tee. It is like an afterthought thumb or heel with stitches worked onto scrap yarn and picked up later.

Work up to the directions for Neck Opening.

Purl the number of stitches indicated for the size being worked.

With scrap yarn, purl the number of stitches indicated for your size.

All the neck opening stitches have now been purled with scrap yarn.

You are now ready to slip the stitches worked on scrap yarn onto the left-hand needle.

The stitches have been slipped back. The working yarn is now ready to be used to purl across the scrap yarn and the remaining stitches at the end of the row.

The wrong side of the work after the Neck Opening directions are finished.

How it looks from the right side.

After a few more rows are worked.

After the rest of the body is worked and you are ready to work the Neck Edging, pick up the number of stitches indicated for your size along each side of the scrap yarn. 

Needles are placed through the right number of stitches on each side. It is twice the number placed on the scrap yarn because a stitch is picked up on the top and bottom of each scrap yarn stitch. 

Carefully remove the scrap yarn, leaving the neck stitches on the needles.

The scrap yarn is being removed.

Once the scrap yarn is removed, the neck stitches are ready to be worked. They may be mounted incorrectly on the needle from being picked up, so pay attention to which side of the stitch is being worked as not to twist them.

Hope this helps! Happy knitting!


  1. Thanks so much for this explanation and the illustration! I was totally stumped.

  2. Perfect, this was so helpful! Thanks


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