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Outer Space Knits

I'm happy to finally be able to share my latest pattern, the Space Mobile and Garland Set ! One of the perks of being a designer is the opportunity to try out yarns before they are released. I was able to do just that with one of the new Knit Picks yarns. Animation is a combed mercerized cotton yarn that comes in packs of ten mini skeins meant to be used for amigurumi or other small toys. It is lovely yarn and I was excited to take on the challenge of designing a pattern with it!  One of my goals with this design was to use as much of each of the colors as possible, while at the same time leaving a little extra to leave some wiggle room for different knitters. That way the pattern would be the perfect choice for making the most of one of the yarn packs. I came up with the idea of a solar system mobile! Early on in the design process, I thought I would add a rocket or two to the mobile. Once I got all the planets done, I saw how nicely they filled up the mobile. Adding rockets wou

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