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Blocks in Many Colors

I may have gotten a little carried away trying out different color combinations for my Baby Blocks pattern. The color scheme I have in the pattern uses a medium and dark version of a main color along with white, but there are so many more options. Hopefully this can provide you with inspiration for your own version. Examples of color schemes These blocks are variations on the colors in the pattern- white and a light and dark version of the same color. I also followed this pattern with neutrals. Here is a lighter version of the color scheme in the pattern. Along with the white, I just used light and medium versions of the colors instead of medium and dark. I like this version. It's slightly toned down, but the letters and numbers are still easy to read. Here are the two pink versions. And here are the blues. I tried a third version using light blue instead of white and a medium and dark blue as the other colors. I tried more versions without white. These ones are different pastel s

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