Dinosaurs and Dolls

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, things have been a bit busy. Let me catch you up on my latest projects. Recently I've been really focused on pattern writing. I had a cowl pattern accepted for a Knit Picks collection! That's taken up a bit of time since I've had to do lots of sample knitting and editing of that pattern. I've also been working on a few fun toy patterns: a dinosaur and a doll.

My nephew is turning four in a few weeks. And what does every four year old boy need? A dinosaur, of course!

knit, dinosaur, t rex

I looked through all the dinosaur patterns on Ravelry and searched through tons of images of knitted dinosaurs on Google to see what was out there already. I couldn't find anything that looked like what I had in mind, so I decided to design one myself. That way I could write another pattern and make a birthday gift all in one go. 

I used lots of short row shaping to get the tail and legs the way I wanted. The legs were a bit complicated, so I may have to work on them some more to make the directions easier to follow. I'm really happy with the finished product! Amazingly, he looks exactly the way I had imagined and there were only a few minor issues to work through. 

knit dinosaur

The biggest project that I've been working on lately is developing a pattern for a knit doll. I plan to design a collection of patterns for clothing to go along with her. My ultimate goal is to get the patterns published into a book. I have had lots of fun in the past making and designing cute outfits for knit bunnies, but the bunny pattern that I use is by Debbie Bliss and I wanted a pattern for my clothes to go on that I designed myself. Here's a sneak peek of the latest finished version of the doll.

knit doll

 I already have a newer version started. I adjusted the way the chin is shaped to avoid the gapping that was happening between the stitches on her neck. I'm also still working on trying to figure out a nose option that I like. In this version, I just used a scrap of yarn to pull some of the stitches together. It works, but I'd like to figure out something better. 

close up of knit doll

Each version looks cuter than the last. I can't wait to have the doll pattern perfected so that I can start designing more clothes!


  1. I love your t-rex pattern. I have been looking for one and have been dissapointed, but yours is great. i would love to know when yours is for sale!

    1. Thanks so much! I actually just finished the pattern and put it up on Ravelry a couple of days ago! Here's the link:



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