My design process: Part 3- Knit it! (and write it down)

Now I will knit out my new pattern to see if it turns out the way I've imagined it. With my calculations, I have a starting point and I can cast on and start knitting away!

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Sometimes I have to make pieces over again because they don't turn out how I think they will. When designing my Lacy Baseball Tee pattern, I had to rip out and redo the shoulders and neck several times before I was satisfied with the way it looked. Fortunately, this purse is pretty simple, so it has turned out exactly as I thought it would.

Whenever I'm working out a pattern, I keep track of what I'm doing. I don't want to have to rework a pattern just because I didn't write down what I was doing along the way. Sometimes it's as simple as notes in a sketch book or on the back of a yarn wrapper, but I've been trying to use my computer as much as possible. It saves so much time later! The more details that I am able to add as I go along, the better. When I'm ready to edit the pattern I will already have a rough draft started. It is also much easier to make adjustments to a Word document than hand written notes if things don't work out the first time. 

After I have all of the pieces knit, I will need to do the finishing work. For this project, that will include sewing some fabric with a machine in addition to the sewing up with yarn that is normally involved in finishing a project.

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