Cleaning out the project shelves

One of the things on my project to do list this summer has been cleaning out and finishing old projects. I keep my works in progress in plastic bins on shelves in my studio (or near the couch if I'm currently working on them) and many of the projects have been there for years. They are in various states of completion, some just with yarn colors picked out and a few that just needed a tad bit of finishing done. Apparently I lost steam and didn't feel like seaming the last time I worked on them.

Here are some of the projects I had in the works that I have now completed. (It is also helping me with another item on the to do list- add more items to my Etsy shop.)

In one project bin I found a few blocks all knitted up that just needed to be sewn together. And as usually happens when I work on the blocks, I kept thinking of more color combinations that I wanted to try. I actually now have two more sets in need of sewing up, so I didn't really succeed in clearing out this project bin, but I did get a few more items for my shop! It is nice to have lots of color options for people to choose from. I now have some boy friendly colors, some girl friendly ones and the sets that I still need to sew up are neutrals. Hopefully the variety will provide something for everyone, though there are always custom orders if it doesn't.

knitted, blocks, toy, baby, yarn, purple, pink, teal, abc, 123, letter, number

knitted, blocks, toy, baby, yarn, green, sage, white, pink, abc, 123, letter, number

Another project that never seems to end is hair clips. There are so many options and they are fairly quick to make. Before I knew it, I had several sets finished.

crochet, flowers, clips, hair, baby, girls, barrette, pink, hot pink, purple

crochet, flowers, clips, hair, baby, girls, barrette, pink, hot pink, white

crochet, flowers, clips, hair, baby, girls, barrette, red, maroon

This last project is one that I haven't worked on in a few years. It is one of my first attempts at designing my own knitted animal. I wrote the pattern for the Little Red Riding Kitty a few years ago, but haven't finished editing it to post it for sale. For now, I finished the half done ones that I had. The one below only needed eyes and a mouth embroidered and the ends on the cape tied in! I had another cape that was bigger, so I had to make another kitty, but since I hadn't used the pattern in so long, I just followed as directed first and ended up with a second small kitty. I thought it would be fun to have a shorter green cape and make a Robin Hood version. When I finish editing the pattern, I will add that option to the directions.

little, red, riding, hood, kitty, toy, cat, stuffed, animal, knitted, gray

little, robin, hood, kitty, toy, cat, stuffed, animal, knitted, gray, green

There are still many more half finished projects on my shelves, and I'm always adding new ones! I'm hoping to turn my focus to developing some new patterns which are in the very early design stages. Hopefully I can make progress on those before school starts, I can't believe how quickly the summer is going!


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