Dolls, dolls and more dolls

My knitting world is revolving around one project lately: dolls. I realized the other day that I have now finished knitting ten different dolls. There have been minor changes along the way and I think that I have now worked out all of the kinks. The last four were made with the final version of the pattern, just with different skin and hair colors.

knit dolls
All ten of the dolls I've made so far. (Some of which I have not finished the faces on.)

Here is the latest outfit I have designed for my doll project. I'm having so much fun coming up with different outfit ideas! This one is pajamas, complete with robe, bunny slippers and even a little teddy bear. This outfit has a nightdress for the pajamas, but I think I will also make a set with pajama pants and a top. 

knit doll in clothes, pjs, robe, slippers bunny

knit bunny slippers
Little bunny slippers.

small knit teddy bear
Mini teddy bear.

I've got several other pieces finished and I'm working on completing more outfits. It's so much fun coming up with new ideas for different themes, clothing items and accessories. The possibilities are endless!


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